Thursday, 28 February 2013

Content Writing – Don't Ignore Powerful TITLE

Believe it or not, the title of the entire contents is the true identification of your article. It is, in fact the title that matters when it comes to attracting the attention of readers, not the entire contents that you tend to work hard on. Unfortunately, the web world is infested with contents written just for the purpose of fulfilling certain job responsibility (God knows what) of a writer (writer? I doubt that).

To the best belief of mine as a writer, anyone must work hard as equally on title as he/she does on writing contents.

The potential benefits of title specific content writing...

First of all, recall yourself what prompted you read an article on the Internet? Was it content or title that grabbed your attention? If you are a regular reader of particular daily newspaper, is it the headline/title that captures your attention or the contents?

Even though you read a favorite book of yours, it is first (compelling) title that prompts you read further.

Now, compare yourself which among these two titles will be pertinent to an article over the subject of health?

“5 tips for improvement of your metabolism” OR “5 tested tips to improve your metabolism”

Thinking I am kidding?


In fact, if your memory serves you well, you immediately know that it was the title that had prompted you read a particular article/blog post on certain website/blog site. Actually, the first part of our responsibility as a reader starts with drinking-in the beauty of title before we carry on reading further.

Now, imagine what sin you are committing yourself intentionally/unintentionally by not giving your article/blog an eye-pleasing and attention-grabbing title!

So, next time when you are ready to write a blog or an article, do not forget to give it a compelling title.

Title specific content writing is one of the distinctive and surefire ways of endorsing your being as a qualified and “expert” writer.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Content Writing – A Linchpin To Your Websites Virtual Success

In what appears to be a panic button for website owners, Google has straightforwardly warned of sanctioning websites with activities related to downright violation of its guidelines. Therefore, if your website is not performing on the web world in accordance with Google's guidelines, the website can be put into spam or face a forever ban from Google's search result.

So, in the context of endearing a website to Google and other search engines, you must adhere to their guidelines. Their rules also apply for websites offering content writing service.

The stern message from search engines certainly affected the mindset of content writing websites which were previously involved infringing search engine's rules. While some companies indeed offer unique service to clients; there are unfortunately the mushroomed number of those which just manipulate innocent clients with their textual rhetoric of “best and cheap content writing service” offer. This is certainly one of the reasons why potential clients have thin trust on writing service companies.

If you are in the desperate search for a trustworthy writing company, you have to seriously weigh options between your need, budget and the availability of countless such companies in marketplace today. The web pages are littered with agonizing tales of countless clients whose websites faced enormous invisibility on search engines on account of bad content writing hired from one of such substandard companies.

You should know that it's not the symptomatic sign of a good content writing company to cheat clients with false promise. In fact, they will give you their samples of writing to let you assess their credibility and proficiency as a writing concern.

A good content writing company fully understands the value of unique and information rich contents. Whether it comes to writing a unique description for your website's home pages, service and about us pages, the company understands what a unique content essentially brings forth the gravity of popularity for the website on web world.

Hence, your website performs well in terms of traffic influx from quality hungry readers.

Even website companies must realize significance of unique contents than unnecessarily getting obsessed with graphical enrichment. Though graphics improve the beauty of your website, but it is futile and useless platform in the absence of unique and worth reading contents. At least, you need to give your visitors a very strong reason to come to your website.

Therefore, if you wish to have a unique content to be written for the commercial success of your website company, it's high time you hired best and reliable content writing service company. This will ensure full-fledged credibility and longstanding virtual success of your website on the web world.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Contents Planet – Content Writing

It would be unwise of me if I say content writing is a difficult task to do. Certainly, it is very easy. However, content writing if to be written from a professional viewpoint has its relevant difference from the one written as pleasure writing. When you write something for the sake of your pleasure then there is lack of carefulness, which by and large, an essential trait for writing content professionally. Pleasure writing is the textualized version of your emotional paroxysm.

Professional content writing is the textualized version of your professional paroxysm. This involves attentiveness towards inclusion of certain grammatical aspects. The professional writer is supposed to be well versed with contextualizing words to formulate meaningful sentences.

Content writing must not be superfluous with words. The objective of writing must never be forgotten. One of the most imperative aspects, content writing should be well synchronized with the title started with from the beginning. An aberration from the main theme/topic will subsequently develop ludicrous and meaningless contents. Also, avoid duplication of the contents. Many writers tend to copy ideas/themes from other writers. Some do it exactly while others just make contents look original by editing them from the original source.

The job of professional content writing is different from that of pleasure writing. You are at leeway as pleasure writing involves putting any idea into interesting sense. You are your own master and follow your intuition. However, professional writing if done for clients have its obligation. You have to write in accordance with your client's instruction. If doing SEO content writing, follow carefully the keywords given by clients. Since keywords are linchpin of SEO content writing, a carefulness to their proper and substantial inclusion to your content is ostensibly a matter of great concern for a professional writer.

Writing contents is well done if written by thoughtful attitude. Hence, before writing on any keyword, a thorough research consisting of gathered information and useful inputs from web is extremely necessary.