Thursday, 12 September 2013

Brevity Matters In SEO Content Writing

Ever heard of “Brevity is the soul of wits”? If yes, this adage is an optimal example to highlight the importance of brevity in writing. Gone are the days when readers used to prefer lengthy piece of writing. With introduction of online technology, there has been replacement of text books to virtual reading as most readers find this very easy and comfy. 

However, it is the brief writing that counts in the context of writing whether you write from the perspective of SEO.

SEO content writing, like any conventional writing, is to write something about particular subject. Though it is different from casual writing, what needs to understand that even this type of writing is hugely appreciated, if written in brief. If you write something in brief, you convey your message effectively. 

In addition, you manage to put forward your ideas easily to your readers. Since readers find such contents easy to read at, they usually prioritize your blog/website for more information.

How to write SEO content writing in brief?

Choose your topic – This is one of the most crucial points that you have to take into account. Choosing a topic largely involves studying your keywords about which you will write. For instance, if your keywords are, home loan, home loan eligibility, you need to give title like “Eligibility criteria for a home loan” or something related to it. So, choose your topic first.

Summarize entire contents – Just write according to the title that you've chosen. Once you are done with writing, summarize word counts. This involves eliminating superfluous words or the sentences you have added unnecessarily. Do not feel emotional while pruning your contents. Just mercilessly remove them as beating around the bush is not SEO content writing.

Following the aforesaid tips will give you ideas as to how to begin with writing SEO contents in brief. Always bear in mind that short and easy content writing is one of the most key factors in writing whether you write for SEO or pleasure.

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Best SEO Content Writing Tips

SEO content writing inherits numerous fundamental factors to essentially output compelling and search engine's optimized contents thus leading to the fulfillment of two most unforgettable objectives – readability and improved ranking. The sort of seo content writing my narrative belongs to demonstrates on-page optimization, a technique of contextualizing sentences meaningfully in conformity with target keywords.

However, the success of a content writing is not equivocation of contextualizing words neither a way of representing a contrived version of a writer's self-acknowledged paradigm as a credible source for quality writing. It is entirely the most defacto part of augmenting traffic density of a website by the dint of informatively powerful and delightful contents. 
Also, a website's current status-quo largely accounts to the pace of growth in the traffic influx. For example, a website with widespread online visibility is far better in serving the seo purpose as compared to the one under rudimentary stage of achieving online visibility. In other words, The New York Times website will have first priority in the result of search engines as compared to a newly designed website.

SEO content writing tips in this article entail some essential factors with their fundamental analysis. Let's read them...

Give "keyword Research" High Priority – SEO content writing involves placing right keywords in appropriate quantum without compromising the quality of contents. Keywords are undeniably one of the most imperative parts. That's why; a seo writer must adhere to the doctrine of including deeply researched keyword/s, especially those with high search ranking. Google Adwords is really one of the most feasible ways to pick up right keywords for your seo content writing needs.

Meanwhile, never be oblivious to the placement of keywords in adequate and permissible limit. Also, include one or two secondary keywords while much focus needs to be maintained on the prime ones.

Tonality Matters - In contrast to the popular and widely accepted belief that seo content writing has the chief involvement of keywords and readable stuffs, I concur, the tonality/voice is also a pivotal part of this. With tonality, I mean to emphasize the importance of voice of your written contents. Instead of dropping F bomb on your contents, writing in a friendly tonality will not only bind your target audiences but also establish your credibility as a good writer. 

A habit of sweet-toned and informative content writing is the impression of yours being an expert writer, who knows how to put across thoughts meaningfully and friendly.

Will you read my contents if it's been the worst vituperative style of writing you've ever come across?

Bowdlerize Contents If Sounding Plagiarized - Ah! The susceptibility is getting so high on me that I hardly feel credulous to the authenticity of writers who give a damn if contents are plagiarized. If not, we would perhaps be in the world of totally non-plagiarized writing where writers respected each other's ideas and give credit if need to borrow partial amount of contents becomes inevitable. Gosh! That's not true in today's virtual world.

Never be in the league of those godforsaken content writers who destroy their credibility by embroiling into the despicable act of plagiarism. If you suspect the portion of your contents are plagiarized, bowdlerize or remove them. This doesn't mean you should actually steal and edit others contents.

Since countless ideas about "SEO content writing tips" are there on the web today, a partial similarity of yours with one of them is expected. Pick up few sentences of your written contents and paste them on Google to see if contents match with any results (type "..." and put your contents in the middle of both inverted commas). This will help you detect if your contents are (unwittingly) getting plagiarized.

SEO content writing from my professional standpoint is not something to be construed as a part of normal style of writing. A SEO writer must adhere to quality with adequately supplied keyword/s. This, all in all, makes you a good SEO content writer.

Friday, 19 April 2013

SEO Content Writing Does The Word “cheap” Mirror Exactitude?

With inundation of SEO content writing service firms on the web, I don't think my revered readers need further explanation about seo content writer. But these days I have been amazed with “cheap” seo content writing service.

What does that “cheap” mean, actually?

From a client's perspective, especially the one who is particularly not aware of the reputation of a firm/company providing such service, the “cheap” seo content writing service may be derivative of “affordable”. And hey presto! That's where most of them end up being stunningly “cheated”.

Sorry! I don't mean to demean the reputation of those firms which are adhere to “cheap” content writing service. However, I have received complaints of many clients, who were really saddened/frustrated and stunned to have been treated with the “cheap” textual technique (is that right word to define the implication of mine?).

To their standpoints, impressed with good ranking and mostly the word “cheap”, the clients outsourced their seo content writing project to one of such firms. To their surprise, they continued receiving fairly good writing service for some times, but gradually the quality diminished and eventually they (clients) started receiving something worth calling as trash.

What did you deduce from the aforesaid explanation?

That the word “cheap” should not be trusted at all? That the word “cheap” is like the notice board lined by two x-shaped bones below a skull with message “danger”? Most importantly, does the word imply that “not all that's written with “cheap” is cheap at all”?

If you think like that, then you are right. You read my mind :)

A piece of advice -

Don't fall prey to “cheap” when it comes to hiring a firm providing seo content writing service.

Make a good research before you ensure yourself that the “cheap” mirror exactitude. This means, you should ensure if the firm is providing seo content writing service that is quality and affordable.

For God sake, that's your money friends! Invest it wisely.

Hopefully, next time you encounter with such a situation, you would remember my humble advice, and would do some researches to ensure the exactitude of your seo content writing service firm with that of word “cheap”.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tonality Matters In Content Writing

How often do you consider tonality being one of the most vital aspects of your writing? Perhaps, you may have not paid attention to this, the fact is, the voice of your writing is as much vital as making it informative for your readers.

I have my own personal experience that most written contents fail to entertain readers because they do not sound friendly to readers.

When you write contents, you must be careful to the tonality. Whether you are a novice or an experienced content writer, things do matter when the tonality of your writing is not friendly. You may have noticed that most bloggers do not have huge readerships as their blogs sound esoteric and unfriendly.

The tonality of your non-SEO or SEO content writing (if you write professionally) should be professional, to the point and pleasing. Do not write with impression that only moderately literate readers read articles on the web. In fact, there are plenty of well-read readers who read and assess your writing ability. They also analyze the voice of your written contents.

Informative and sweet-toned writing accords to the discretion of your potential readers.

If you include foul words in your writing, you should better abnegate this. This is because of the reason that not all the readers, especially the ones hungry for quality reading, welcome such piece of writing. You may have seen many written contents stuffed with these types of words. Did you like them?

Why don't you imagine yourself to be in the place of your potential readers you write for? That will help you understand the voice of your own written words. That would also help you make necessary rectification to the contents, if they sound senseless and unfriendly.

You are also advised to read out your finished article. This is very useful as it will help you understand the tonality of the article.

How to ensure that the tonality of written contents is friendly or nasty?

Proofreading is an essential tool to ensure the nature of tonality of your written contents. It can help you detect tonality as well as grammatical inaccuracy (if any) of your written contents.

Words (written or spoken) always say something. A writer must be familiar with contextualizing sentences that sound meaningful and friendly. If they sound vulgar or irrelevant, you will make a wrong impression for your readers as a writer. You will probably demean your credibility as a writer for your potential clients as well.

Therefore, do not underestimate the value of tonality while writing. This is very important. Good tonality means, you are respecting your readers while sharing your ideas with them.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Content Writing: Mind Your Language!

When writing a content, do you realize how important it is to mind the voice of your written contents?
Unfortunately, there are a lot of writers, who obliviously ignore this vital aspect of writing, as they believe it to be irrelevant or they are genuinely are not aware of the tonality of what they write. However, a content writer should never be careless to the voice of the contents and always make sure that their written stuffs sound friendly and informative to readers.

Anything said or written speaks of something that may be representative of your ideas/concepts. When you write, you translate your ideas for your readers. When the readers read your piece of writing, they deduce the essence as per the quality of the contents. Here, what matters most is that the voice of your written content should not be vulgar or imposing. This is bad as most readers do not take such things for granted.

As a writer, you should always mind your language while writing on any subject or topic. Do not think that informativeness is the essence of quality content writing. It is also your voice that is contributory to strengthen your potentiality as a writer.

If you happen to be one of the writers who are obsessed with including foul words in their writing, they unwittingly demean their credibility as a good writer. Moreover, if you are writing from professional viewpoint, your client/s will never welcome contents that sound senseless and vulgar.

How would you react to my writing, if it sounds overbearing and insulting to you?

There are significantly a large number of writers who are found of dropping “F” bomb on their pieces of writing. This is very bad. It is worth-abnegating as not all the readers appreciate such pieces of writing. It is very essential of you as a writer to ensure that the tonality of written contents is very friendly and informative to readers.

Therefore, whenever you are to write something professionally or personally, better stay away from using words that may stir unsavory reaction from your potential readers. After all, nobody wants to be browbeaten.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Content Writing When Quality Matters Beyond The Count Of Words

Quality content writing is imperative. It is the most vital aspect of writing. Quality contents convey relevant meaning. Readers on the web usually prefer quality and informative contents. They usually prefer the websites providing high quality and convincingly informative contents. In fact, it is not the totality of words that count in your writing, it is the quality that matters.

What do I suggest if I mean quality content writing?

Quality content writing is exclusively original and informative. It is beyond the mere requirement of words to complete a piece of writing. Verbose writing has never been construed as a readable stuff if it is not qualitative.

When saying contents should be qualitative, I mean to imply that you should exclusively include original information to enlighten and delight readers from your writing. The first and last thing to understand as a writer is to make entire contents worth reading. It is only possible when the written content attract your readers because of quality information expressed.

With quality content writing, I also mean to say that a writer should never ignore the relevance of a content title. More often than not, we come across numerous written contents with visible aberration from the topic started with. This is certainly bad as title unspecific contents may grace certain online article submission directories but can face downright rejection from others demanding quality contents.

There are many quality hungry readers who could be turned to potential fans of your writing if you provide them good and worth readable contents. Being title specific is one of the other steps to follow as a quality content writer.

I have my own personal experience that most writers tend to extend the length of words of their article/s. This is arguably uncalled for. As a writer, one must understand that readers are the ultimate judge to verdict you as a writer (good or bad) on the ground of what you write and how you write.

Say for example, will you read this article if I just beat about the bush?

Words matter while writing anything, but what about the words that do not make any sense at all? I was reading a news (titled "What Internet should India use?") on an Indian newspaper website. Firstly, the title grabbed my attention. 

Believing I would come across something unique to read about Internet (I was planning to change my current ISP to opt for another new and best one), I was surprisingly lead to nothing! The entire contents nonsensically talked about something irrelevant and were totally against the title. I took an instant dislike and signed off.

So, better write quality specific contents. Focus on quality. Remember that not words but quality that qualifies you as a respected content writer.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Content Writing - Ensure Quality Of Contents You Write

Content writing service in India has lately been on the noticeable popularity followed by the necessity felt by several website companies in relation with hiring a quality content writing service provider. This has subsequently brought forth quite a lot of companies which made their own business of fooling clients by providing substandard content writing service.

Now the website companies, having learnt from the past consequence is cautiously hiring a writing service company. They choose quality service provider not the crook one. So, if you are a writer believing that writing service is the game of playing with words to fool around clients, you are mistaken. There are more to content writing than is presumed on the face of it. 

Among many things to understand, ensuring the quality of contents that you write is one of them. 

When you are contextualizing ideas into words, try to understand the difference between what you write and who you write for. There are so many writers with believability concept of writing continuously without even giving a second thought of what is being written and for whom. 
They are among those writers who write stuffs unsystematically. They are hardly concerned to reader's possible reaction. 

However, when you write for a professional viewpoint, things do matter. 

When writing, it is your utmost duty to ensure the quality of contents that you write. This involves consideration of some of the following mentioned key things…

  • Are sentences well contextualized?
  • Are the contents grammatically right?
  • Will my readers understand words that I write with?
  • Is the content title specific
With consideration of the aforesaid, you experience significant understanding as to what needs to be done to rectify contents. This conclusively helps you understand that you are aware of what you write. 

In addition to what I have mentioned above, you as a writer ought to avoid writing plagiarized contents. This is, to my experience is one of the worst habits of several writers. Plagiarizing contents and claim them to be your brainchild is a deplorable offense as well as questioning your ability as a writer. 

Content writing is an art, and like any art, it also demands writer’s creativity and uniqueness. Most importantly, do not forget the set of rules prepared by Google and other search engines. If you publish plagiarized contents, the search engines will spam your website. This will also be causative of your website's termination from the search engine's visibility. Thereafter, the website will remain invisible from Google's database. 

Hence, make sure the quality of your contents is unique and non-plagiarized. This apparently sums up ensuring quality of contents that you write as a writer. 

Conclusively, a content writing involves consideration of many key points to ensure its quality and uniqueness. Among many things that a writer has to consider, ensuring whether contents are plagiarized or not is one of them. This ensures writer's credibility and trustworthiness for readers. 

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Content Writing – Don't Ignore Powerful TITLE

Believe it or not, the title of the entire contents is the true identification of your article. It is, in fact the title that matters when it comes to attracting the attention of readers, not the entire contents that you tend to work hard on. Unfortunately, the web world is infested with contents written just for the purpose of fulfilling certain job responsibility (God knows what) of a writer (writer? I doubt that).

To the best belief of mine as a writer, anyone must work hard as equally on title as he/she does on writing contents.

The potential benefits of title specific content writing...

First of all, recall yourself what prompted you read an article on the Internet? Was it content or title that grabbed your attention? If you are a regular reader of particular daily newspaper, is it the headline/title that captures your attention or the contents?

Even though you read a favorite book of yours, it is first (compelling) title that prompts you read further.

Now, compare yourself which among these two titles will be pertinent to an article over the subject of health?

“5 tips for improvement of your metabolism” OR “5 tested tips to improve your metabolism”

Thinking I am kidding?


In fact, if your memory serves you well, you immediately know that it was the title that had prompted you read a particular article/blog post on certain website/blog site. Actually, the first part of our responsibility as a reader starts with drinking-in the beauty of title before we carry on reading further.

Now, imagine what sin you are committing yourself intentionally/unintentionally by not giving your article/blog an eye-pleasing and attention-grabbing title!

So, next time when you are ready to write a blog or an article, do not forget to give it a compelling title.

Title specific content writing is one of the distinctive and surefire ways of endorsing your being as a qualified and “expert” writer.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Content Writing – A Linchpin To Your Websites Virtual Success

In what appears to be a panic button for website owners, Google has straightforwardly warned of sanctioning websites with activities related to downright violation of its guidelines. Therefore, if your website is not performing on the web world in accordance with Google's guidelines, the website can be put into spam or face a forever ban from Google's search result.

So, in the context of endearing a website to Google and other search engines, you must adhere to their guidelines. Their rules also apply for websites offering content writing service.

The stern message from search engines certainly affected the mindset of content writing websites which were previously involved infringing search engine's rules. While some companies indeed offer unique service to clients; there are unfortunately the mushroomed number of those which just manipulate innocent clients with their textual rhetoric of “best and cheap content writing service” offer. This is certainly one of the reasons why potential clients have thin trust on writing service companies.

If you are in the desperate search for a trustworthy writing company, you have to seriously weigh options between your need, budget and the availability of countless such companies in marketplace today. The web pages are littered with agonizing tales of countless clients whose websites faced enormous invisibility on search engines on account of bad content writing hired from one of such substandard companies.

You should know that it's not the symptomatic sign of a good content writing company to cheat clients with false promise. In fact, they will give you their samples of writing to let you assess their credibility and proficiency as a writing concern.

A good content writing company fully understands the value of unique and information rich contents. Whether it comes to writing a unique description for your website's home pages, service and about us pages, the company understands what a unique content essentially brings forth the gravity of popularity for the website on web world.

Hence, your website performs well in terms of traffic influx from quality hungry readers.

Even website companies must realize significance of unique contents than unnecessarily getting obsessed with graphical enrichment. Though graphics improve the beauty of your website, but it is futile and useless platform in the absence of unique and worth reading contents. At least, you need to give your visitors a very strong reason to come to your website.

Therefore, if you wish to have a unique content to be written for the commercial success of your website company, it's high time you hired best and reliable content writing service company. This will ensure full-fledged credibility and longstanding virtual success of your website on the web world.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Contents Planet – Content Writing

It would be unwise of me if I say content writing is a difficult task to do. Certainly, it is very easy. However, content writing if to be written from a professional viewpoint has its relevant difference from the one written as pleasure writing. When you write something for the sake of your pleasure then there is lack of carefulness, which by and large, an essential trait for writing content professionally. Pleasure writing is the textualized version of your emotional paroxysm.

Professional content writing is the textualized version of your professional paroxysm. This involves attentiveness towards inclusion of certain grammatical aspects. The professional writer is supposed to be well versed with contextualizing words to formulate meaningful sentences.

Content writing must not be superfluous with words. The objective of writing must never be forgotten. One of the most imperative aspects, content writing should be well synchronized with the title started with from the beginning. An aberration from the main theme/topic will subsequently develop ludicrous and meaningless contents. Also, avoid duplication of the contents. Many writers tend to copy ideas/themes from other writers. Some do it exactly while others just make contents look original by editing them from the original source.

The job of professional content writing is different from that of pleasure writing. You are at leeway as pleasure writing involves putting any idea into interesting sense. You are your own master and follow your intuition. However, professional writing if done for clients have its obligation. You have to write in accordance with your client's instruction. If doing SEO content writing, follow carefully the keywords given by clients. Since keywords are linchpin of SEO content writing, a carefulness to their proper and substantial inclusion to your content is ostensibly a matter of great concern for a professional writer.

Writing contents is well done if written by thoughtful attitude. Hence, before writing on any keyword, a thorough research consisting of gathered information and useful inputs from web is extremely necessary.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing, even though prevailing in multidimensional facets is respectively used as a way of promoting a website. For example, a SEO article writing involves inclusion of keyword specific content writing to illustrate particular theme/subject comprehensively.

Once the article is written and subsequently published on a web directory, it functions as a platform of information for readers who then possibly click the link given the article to explore more about the subject/theme conveyed through this. Though the possibility that particular readers click the link is always unpredictable, but then again, the SEO article writing is possibly the best as website promotion.

SEO or search engine optimization content writing is mainly used by those companies which want to promulgate business on the web world. Such companies have something to sell but not directly in the voice or style demonstrated by sales executives.

In fact, the first objective of SEO content writing is to be an informant of particular subject/topic. The idea of selling comes later. Unfortunately, not every content writer is conscious to this simple objective of content writing.

Hence, if you are willing to hire a SEO content writing service company, make sure you are familiar with their style of writing. Any writer, to my experience, is liable to represent an article in an information sharing way rather than being obsessed with commercializing something.

Since SEO is all about used to increase visibility of a website on search engine, SEO content writing must need to be very informative as search engines and online readers prefer the source with great reputation of providing quality and readable contents.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hiring Content Writing Service: 5 Must Follow Precautions

With content writing, I gathered insight to confusion and frustration experienced by potential clients followed by their encounter with bad content writing service provider that they (unfortunately) hired.

Unfortunately, the intractable rise of companies offering SEO and related writing services to clients has indirectly resurrected the sinister consequence of substandard and irrelevant service output followed by client's impression with the flowery worded campaign of these fiendish companies.

Since business-minded companies are all concerned to serve their vested interested of promotion, a client must need to think rationally to perfectly understand their needs and company's reputation before hiring a content service provider.

Before hiring a content writing service provider, never be oblivious to following mentioned key things:-

1. The first thing that may entice you about content writing companies is their attractive, enticing and luring worded promise of contributing remarkably to uplift your website's dim visibility on the web world. When a client mails me to his/her needs, I sense a kind of incertitude to their tonality as if whether or not I was going to keep my words.

I despise admitting that the ingrained impression is the resultant consequence of the fraud and cheating of many of those so called best firms which abashedly rendered the clients to the wonderment of shock out of the fraudulent and substandard service received/experienced. Therefore, never forget to evaluate on your own about the reputation, quality of work and everything that will eventually confirms you of the reliability of the firm/content writing service provider.

2. I concur, price does matter a lot when it comes to hiring a quality content writing service. I would like to suggest; since the quality has been the linchpin of the success of a business, it is worth hiring no matter whether it comes slightly costlier. Therefore, never ignore the offer of a firm which is noticeably reputed for the quality and standard service output and has history of satisfactory service to many content clients. This understandably requires you make some extensive researches so as to confirm that the credibility of the firm that you heard from others really holds true.

3. As myself a writer, I have come across various writers who steal the ideas. Though that's not a big deal at all given the advent of inexperienced and newbie writers who, on the impulsion of some strange shots, jumped into the field of content writing and consequently congested web world with that plagiarized garbage. If you ask me, the best writer is the one who is perfectly and rationally aware of the spirit of writing. By saying this what I intrinsically mean to say is a true writer knows the gravity of originality and purity of writing content. In other words, they are familiar with the maxim that not only the words but the tonality of written contents must sound original and afresh.

4. Companies offering content writing service typically generalize your requirements on the ground of what they psychologically concur. If the fact is to be believed, even clients are reluctant to clarify their stands clearly, believing falsely that the service provider is smart enough to get the drift. Well, honestly, not all have that level of understandability. Hence, before you cry foul in the eventual consequence of receiving poorly written contents, make sure you've clarified your stand loud and clear.

5. As I have said before, every content writing firm has its own respectively determined price tag on the kind of service to be offered. From blog and article writing to website content writing and other forms of writing, the cost of words differs accordingly thereby creating a sense of urgent consideration of your needs and affordability to successfully get along with the hiring.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Content Writing – Four Tips To Begin With Writing Quality Contents

Contrary to the belief of most people that writing is a difficult job to do, it is really very easy and potential writer can get along with it. In fact, writing is not a rocket science as believed by people who never went through the experience of writing, either personally or professionally.

However, if you are intrigued with content writing, here are some tips to help you how to begin with it...

1. Express Yourself Interestingly

Anything written interestingly is worth reading even though the written contents may have some aberrations from the main topic of the entire contents. The fact that why many readers feel averse to certain written contents is that they are unimpressively written stuffs. Even the most informative contents receive cold response from the readers as they (contents) are not interesting and delightful to read. Therefore, express yourself interestingly to keep your readers glued on your written article/contents.

2. Be Mindful Of What You Write

Anything to be written is written appreciatively, if you are mindful of what you are going to write. Do not be oblivious to gather quality information, ideas and inputs of particular subject that you are willing to write down. Then again, do not be oblivious to weave those gathered ideas into grammatically correct and textually interesting sentences. Remember not to ignore the reality of what you are writing as unmindful writing makes the entire contents look ludicrous.

3. Mind Your Language

Countless written contents on the Internet are treated offensive, not because they were poorly written but because their tonality of representation is unacceptable to readers. Remember, each word of your written content is the voice-over of its subject. Hence, the way you voice-over your content, the same reactionary feedback you receive from the readers. Better start content writing by using sweet and informative words.

4. Your Language Efficiency Matters

Writing an article in a language that is not your mother tongue? If yes, then you are highly recommended to get the article written by someone with good command on the language. For instance, an article to be written in English should better be done by a native English speaker or by someone with good command over the language.

The magnitude of accuracy of your written content is largely determined how effectively you have contextualized entire sentences in the language you have started to write with. Language efficiency not only helps you write impressive contents, but can also endorse you as a good writer.

Last but not the least, careful proofreading should not be ignored as it will effectively help you detect possible errors of your written contents. Also, write short and neat contents as they are easy to read for potential readers.

Since not everybody is gifted with the knack for writing, a proper guideline as narrated briefly in the aforesaid content of the article could relevantly pave the path of honing the skill of content writing for any novice writer.

Conclusion:- People have quality for writing, but not all the writers can write effectively and interestingly. While the practice is sum and substance of effective and interesting content writing, a useful guideline can be very helpful for a novice writer to start with writing.

Friday, 18 January 2013

SEO Content Writing – Giving Decisive Success To Your Website

There are SEO technologies which collectively define the individual success of a website on the web world. From link building, bookmarking to other technologies, SEO content writing is one of the most important ones. In fact, given the circumstance that website companies make the most of online campaign using content writing technology, the importance of SEO writers or SEO content writing service providers has consequently increased.

If you are looking for a quality content writing service provider, you should, first of all, ensure if it is reputed for quality service. Since you are going to invest money for the content writing service, it is quite prudential of you being familiar with reputation of your service provider.

Sadly, today's online market of content writing service has mushroomed drastically thus making it difficult for potential readers to pick up the best and trustworthy. So, better focus on the fact if the company you are willing to hire has done quality content writing service to other clients. If possible, get their feedback to make an informed decision accordingly.

SEO content writing is not possible to write for a novice writer. Since this sort of writing is all about writing keyword specific relevant content as a way to promote to certain website's products, thus a writer needs to be familiar with SEO writing technique. You may end up getting garbage, if you hire an inexperienced professional.

For a quality-oriented and information-oozing contents, you can also contact website, Contents Planet. Though it can't promise you moon and stars as the website company provides SEO content writing service, but as the quality of contents significantly matter in the promotion of a website, you will certainly have a lucrative advantage when this website written contents will be published on several directories to promote your business on search engine.

Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Steps To Begin With Hiring A Quality Content Writing Service

When it comes to writing descriptive details of a product or a service on a website, content writing is best among the rest promotional methods. Words have power to invigorate and influence readers. Without relevant description with beautiful words, promoting anything on the web world will spell no profit at all as readers must need contents to understand something being promoted. This has accentuated the importance of hiring a content writing service.

If you are all set to hire quality content writing service, here are some useful recommendations you should begin with.

1. Do Some Researches

Whether it may sound monotonous or a physically tiresome quest, the fact of hiring a quality content writing service lies in the fact of doing some extensive researches on your end. This is also important because of the fact that there are countless such service providers on the web which make it annoyingly difficult for customers to spot a good service provider.

An online quest for finding a quality content writing service provider is recommended in order to help you speed up the researches. You can also ask for help of those friends who may have hired a content writing service provider and are satisfied with its service.

2. Cheap, Affordable or Expensive – Be Cautious With Flowery Words Of Promise

When searching for quality content writing service website on a search engine, you may have encountered several websites promising you moon and stars with their rhetorically optimized words. “Cheap and “affordable” are words which remarkably rule on the contents of the websites offering quality content writing service to potential clients. Honestly, “cheap” does not mean promising you an “affordable” service as it has become a temptress for content writing service providers to lure innocent customers.

Similarly, those websites which claim offering quality content writing service on a higher price do not necessarily mean to be quality at all. What you need is to demand sample works, scrutinize them or have someone expert checked them to recognize writing quality of the service provider.

3. Study Terms And Conditions

This may sound incredulous, but the fact is every content writing service provider has its own service package with respective terms and conditions. Lest you should encounter a difficult situation in future, you should indispensably study to understand each term and condition. Since every content writing website company has its respective price tag, you may face problem of choosing the best and cheap deal. For this, you are recommended to study their terms and conditions using online technique.

4. Do Not Oblivious To Your Needs And Budget

Since you are hiring a quality content writing service website for professional reason, the service honestly is not going to be cost free. This will certainly burn your pocket depending on the cost of the service to be hired. While some website companies charge cheap price, the others may not be so lenient. Hence, you should study your needs carefully along with having a careful look on your budget to know if you can afford the particular cost of hiring a quality content writing service website.

5. Never Ignore Checking Contents Yourself

Rather than trusting the hired content writing service provider's words of assurance about the quality-driven works, check every written project yourself. The web world is replete with crying fouls of those dissatisfied customers who hired content writing service under the assurance of purity, clarity and originality but ended up receiving plagiarized, poor and unhealthy contents.

Therefore, you should get the written contents checked on a good plagiarism detector website. This will ensure having fresh and quality content along with helping you know if the hired content writer is able to continue with giving you high quality service.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Essentially Yours: Five Tips To Begin With Website Content Writing

While a website is demonstrative of products/services of a business, writing informative, compelling, appealing and quality-driven contents are the linchpin of promulgating the success of the website. This essentially calls for festooning a website with attractive and qualitatively informative contents so as to ensure delightful experience of readers and lucrative success of the website. If the website content writing is beyond your ken, here are the five tips to begin with.

1. Write Non-plagiarized Contents

Quality website content writing originates from your creatively imagined and qualitatively informative contents. These contents are remarkably standout from the copied, unoriginal and plagiarized ones. Non-plagiarized contents are original and unique contents. Not only your words, but even the tonality of the written contents must sound original and unique to readers.

2. Stick to Information Without Aberration

A website written without accurate information and with too much aberrations not only demeans business reputation of your website company but also symbolizes your non-conformity with the contextual relevance in writing. Hence your website content writing should exclusively be informative-centric by narrating about products, services, mission and visions of your company. An aberration from the main point of the narration will render target visitors/readers into the state of confusion to exactly know of your business.

3. Never Boast Of Your Excellence And Expertise

A website content writing should never be started with boasting of your excellence and expertise. Boasting may delight you but is considered anathema to many astute and quality-hungry readers. Be quality and decent not from the tonality but from each word of your writing. Sharp-tongued, boastful and self-aggrandizing texts will never endorse your website as a reliable and trustworthy source for target visitors or readers.

4. Write Reader-centric Contents

A website content writing essentially requires a writer to be reader-specific at any cost. Even though the contextualized texts mean to serve SEO objective of your website, overlooking readers and sounding promotional may cost you dear. So, never over-congest writing with keywords because non-promotional and informative texts are the only remedial solutions to delight readers as well as promoting your website on the web world.

At last, never ignore readers by not mentioning about their feedback. Soliciting feedback from readers is symbolic of yours being appreciative to their responses.

5. Sound Real As It Solidifies Trust

You should textually sound real without sounding competitive. Sadly, the competitively furious contents rule the web world these days. To avoid this, start with “how we are different from others” than writing “we are the best” texts. To be real and honest to yourself solidifies the trust of your website that could spell profit eventually.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 Symptomatic Signs Of A Bad Content Writer

Axiomatically, people have innate quality of writing. However, when it comes to content writing from professional standpoint, things do matter. Companies and business professionals usually outsource content writing projects to third party as they either have no time for writing or their English language is not strong enough to write convincingly. Hence, hiring a content writer becomes one of the top priorities for them.

Since a content writer knows how to writer quality contents to increase exposure of a particular business entity on the world or rather dragging huge traffics on a website, such writer has magnitude of importance as well. However, not all the content writers are good enough to give you the desired result. To distinguish between a good and bad content writer, some below mentioned tips will be of great use.

1. Bad Writers Steal Contents

No doubt, this is perhaps one of the grotesque signs of bad content writer and sadly they are increasing day by day. Also known as plagiarism, such sort of content writer is a destructive point against reputation of your website. Therefore, if you suspect that your writer is giving you plagiarized stuffs, better get the written contents checked on any plagiarism checker website.

However, good content writers do not indulge in such cheap behavior. They are quality committed writers.

2. Bad Writers Spin Contents

You may have come across many contents on websites that may sound similar to the ones you may have come across certain times. If any article on web sounds the similar version of the article published on other source is called spin article. There is no dearth of writers who spin contents to make a fool of clients. Spin articles contain poor grammar and synonymously stuffed words from the original ones.

3. Bad Content Writers Sell Your Rights Too

Believe it or not, there are bad content writers who do not hesitate in selling out the written contents, the exclusive right of which are already purchased by you. In that case, the writer not only infringes the agreement policy of the exclusive right, but also destroys his/her reputation of being called a writer. However, a good content writer doesn't possess such cheap quality.

4. Bad Writers Destroy Your Brands Promotion

If you have hired a content writer to promote your brands, then the writer should not indulge in writing controversial texts that could damage your brands reputation. One of the symptomatic signs of a bad content writer belongs to this very attribute. Means, they can destroy brands promotion by writing out of the points.

5. Confidence Trickster

First, the bad contents writers win your trust by giving you quality contents. Thereafter everything seems to be changing as they keep giving you poorly written works. So, do not trust your writer and always keep checking their works to ensure you are receiving quality work for the money you pay for writing.

Contentsplanet offers you quality driven content writing service. For any query, you can mail us at

Monday, 7 January 2013

Cheap Content Writing Service – Key Things To Understand

Often times, we come across websites with unimpressive contents that not only spoil our mood but also cause a great fraction of detestable experience with a growing feeling of not preferring the place again. Have you ever gone through such detestable experience? If yes, then you may have realized the importance of a good content. These days, content writing service is considered to be one of the most indispensable ways to highlight visibility of a website on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

However, people realize the gravity of importance of well-written and informative contents. But any prospective client will make it sure that whether a particular content writing service firm is credible or not. The bottom line of hiring such firm relates to the very concept of promoting your website's entity over the web world. In that case, it is vital to know of which serves your purpose best – a cheap content writing service or the expensive one? 
Cheap content writing service is often understood to be a reliable and budget-friendly approach of hiring textual version of work in order to objectify a website's visibility to countless clients on the Internet. However, the word "cheap" doesn't necessarily vindicate the reliability of the firm you wish to hire. In fact, the web pages of the Internet is infested with this particular word. No doubt, potential clients, more often than not, get swindled out of hiring these firms followed by the textual impression.
Therefore, you had better make an extensive research on your end before you jump on hiring a cheap content writing service. For this, consider the reputation of particular firm. Do not depend on the testimonials you read on the website of the firm as you can't certify their reliability or validity as to whether or not they are connoted from imaginary names of people. If you have friends who have been to the positive experience after hiring a firm, you should ask for the reference from the friends. This will give you an easy access to finding a reliable firm to get your needs fulfilled meaningfully. 
Not a recommendation, but a piece of advice - always prioritize your needs and budgets first. Hiring a content writing service should be based on a good deal of research and the subsequent informed decision made. Quality always matters, and it is therefore essential of you to ensure quality service record of your firm that you are going to hire. 
Content writing is one of the most trusted ways to promote your website online. These days, the cheap SEOcontent writing or non-SEO content writing has been the name of the game for business owners in order to promote online business remarkably. This is best and will fetch you remarkable success to your website. Contents Planet has been the most reliable source to hire cheap content writing service.

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Content Writing – 5 Quality Measures To Stick With

If you believe content writing is just like any ordinary piece of writing, you are mistaken. Though writing on any subject or topic involves contextualizing sentences, but this is not as easy as it may sound on the face of it. 

In fact, there are many things that a professional writer has to bear in mind when it comes to writing contents from a purely professional standpoint. Whether it is SEO content writing or article writing, some quality measures must be taken in order to ensure productivity, relevance and quality of the articles for potential readers.

Some quality measures for effective content writing are being mentioned in the following manner;

1. Never Ignore Proofreading And Necessary Editing

Most writers are in too hurry to pay heed to the tonality of contents written. Often times, we pick up many erroneous details from the written contents upon proofreading that would otherwise make the contents sound ridiculous, if not proofread initially. 

Be specific to grammar and spelling errors as your article may encounter observing prowess of astute readers online. They would surely scorn over badly and ungrammatically written stuffs. There is no room for poor grammar and spelling in content writing.

The pivotal aspect of proofreading and editing lies in the fact of quality and flawless output of your written contents. Do not forget to proofread and edit your articles before submitting on a directory or on your blog.

2. Never Sound Promotional

If you are writing an article for specific directory, do not make it sound like you are promoting certain products or services deliberately. You should rather be specific to the quality of information being provided through your article/s. 

If the written article is convincingly informative and grammatically perfect, it would delight potential readers, and they would turn to your website curiously to find more relevant information. 

This would increase traffic density of your website and would continue flourish if you stick with commitment of quality and non-promotional writing.

3. Uniqueness Matters

Believe it or not, the uniqueness of your article enriches your potentiality as a smart and qualified writer for the prospective readers. The plagiarized contents put question marks on the ability of a writer. 

Hence, you should bring as much uniqueness to your article as you potentially can. That will pave the path of success of your article marketing on the web world.

4. Contents Must Be Title Specific

We come across many writers who write contents on the contrary of what title they have started with. If you are one of the lots, better get rid of this habit as it may lead you nowhere to being a successful content writer. 

If you have given your article a compelling title, make sure that the article's entire body is fully attuned to the topic without any aberration. 

Contents, written according to the title, can promise your reader a lot of fun and delights. This understandably requires you being cautious and attentive while writing contents for your website, blog or directory.

5. Put Easy And Understandable Words

This is my personal experience that many writers intentionally include abstruse words to impress readers. Unfortunately, such trick often backfires as not all the readers have sound vocabulary or they are not willing to take the trouble of opening dictionary to understand each word of your article.

Hence, content writing is not a way of including difficult words, but easy ones to engage your readers, make them informed and curious to know about you. An impressed reader can be a forever endorsement of your quality as a content writer.

Content writing is a process of including quality and informative contents to the written articles or blogs. A potential writer must understand that poor content writing does not fetch intended success. Content writing requires inclusion of interesting information and grammatically fine sentences. 

A quality content writing can pave the path of your success as a writer. Ensure hiring a quality and reliable content writing firm to have the best content writing advantages for your business success.

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