Thursday, 12 September 2013

Brevity Matters In SEO Content Writing

Ever heard of “Brevity is the soul of wits”? If yes, this adage is an optimal example to highlight the importance of brevity in writing. Gone are the days when readers used to prefer lengthy piece of writing. With introduction of online technology, there has been replacement of text books to virtual reading as most readers find this very easy and comfy. 

However, it is the brief writing that counts in the context of writing whether you write from the perspective of SEO.

SEO content writing, like any conventional writing, is to write something about particular subject. Though it is different from casual writing, what needs to understand that even this type of writing is hugely appreciated, if written in brief. If you write something in brief, you convey your message effectively. 

In addition, you manage to put forward your ideas easily to your readers. Since readers find such contents easy to read at, they usually prioritize your blog/website for more information.

How to write SEO content writing in brief?

Choose your topic – This is one of the most crucial points that you have to take into account. Choosing a topic largely involves studying your keywords about which you will write. For instance, if your keywords are, home loan, home loan eligibility, you need to give title like “Eligibility criteria for a home loan” or something related to it. So, choose your topic first.

Summarize entire contents – Just write according to the title that you've chosen. Once you are done with writing, summarize word counts. This involves eliminating superfluous words or the sentences you have added unnecessarily. Do not feel emotional while pruning your contents. Just mercilessly remove them as beating around the bush is not SEO content writing.

Following the aforesaid tips will give you ideas as to how to begin with writing SEO contents in brief. Always bear in mind that short and easy content writing is one of the most key factors in writing whether you write for SEO or pleasure.

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