Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 Symptomatic Signs Of A Bad Content Writer

Axiomatically, people have innate quality of writing. However, when it comes to content writing from professional standpoint, things do matter. Companies and business professionals usually outsource content writing projects to third party as they either have no time for writing or their English language is not strong enough to write convincingly. Hence, hiring a content writer becomes one of the top priorities for them.

Since a content writer knows how to writer quality contents to increase exposure of a particular business entity on the world or rather dragging huge traffics on a website, such writer has magnitude of importance as well. However, not all the content writers are good enough to give you the desired result. To distinguish between a good and bad content writer, some below mentioned tips will be of great use.

1. Bad Writers Steal Contents

No doubt, this is perhaps one of the grotesque signs of bad content writer and sadly they are increasing day by day. Also known as plagiarism, such sort of content writer is a destructive point against reputation of your website. Therefore, if you suspect that your writer is giving you plagiarized stuffs, better get the written contents checked on any plagiarism checker website.

However, good content writers do not indulge in such cheap behavior. They are quality committed writers.

2. Bad Writers Spin Contents

You may have come across many contents on websites that may sound similar to the ones you may have come across certain times. If any article on web sounds the similar version of the article published on other source is called spin article. There is no dearth of writers who spin contents to make a fool of clients. Spin articles contain poor grammar and synonymously stuffed words from the original ones.

3. Bad Content Writers Sell Your Rights Too

Believe it or not, there are bad content writers who do not hesitate in selling out the written contents, the exclusive right of which are already purchased by you. In that case, the writer not only infringes the agreement policy of the exclusive right, but also destroys his/her reputation of being called a writer. However, a good content writer doesn't possess such cheap quality.

4. Bad Writers Destroy Your Brands Promotion

If you have hired a content writer to promote your brands, then the writer should not indulge in writing controversial texts that could damage your brands reputation. One of the symptomatic signs of a bad content writer belongs to this very attribute. Means, they can destroy brands promotion by writing out of the points.

5. Confidence Trickster

First, the bad contents writers win your trust by giving you quality contents. Thereafter everything seems to be changing as they keep giving you poorly written works. So, do not trust your writer and always keep checking their works to ensure you are receiving quality work for the money you pay for writing.

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